A letter from our Head of School

The Dream City Christian School vision is to “Provide a Christ-centered community built on academic excellence.”  We are focusing on excellence both in our academic offerings and in our commitment to teach our students sound, biblically based truths.  It is our mission for graduates to go into the world academically prepared and strong enough, not only to defend their faith, but to bring light into the ever-increasing darkness.

Every child is uniquely created by God.  Our faculty and staff work to develop each child in their individual giftings. In addition to Christ centered classroom teaching, there are amazing weekly chapels that cover relevant topics specifically designed for each grade level.

The current political and spiritual climate in the country is in turmoil. Combined with the effects of social media, there is an overwhelming amount of misinformation at children’s fingertips. A well-established biblical world view is a must for every student.  At Dream City Christian we are committed to prepare this generation for the challenges they are currently facing.

-Kris Hutson

Our purpose is to positively affect our community and to grow God’s Kingdom

Dream City Christian School is a fully accredited school that serves preschool through high school students. Our curriculum, fine arts program, and CAA competitive varsity athletics teams have made Dream City an educational leader in the Northwest Valley. Extra-curricular programs include the National Honor Society, STEMS (Science Technology Engineering Math, Spiritual), community service missions, choir, drama, cheerleading, and more.

Our faith-based and mission-oriented programs are dedicated to building Christian leaders and fostering life long, transformational experiences that grow the whole child. Some of these Christ-centered opportunities include weekly chapel services, daily devotions and Bible classes, mission trips and community service projects.

Our high school students enjoy dual enrollment, college level coursework, honor courses, and internships. Working parents enjoy our after school enrichment opportunities that supplement learning.

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Our mission is to build Christian leaders prepared to live and thrive in an ever-changing world.


We are passionately committed to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others, through our lives and an intentional system of word and action.


We are passionately committed to serve others as Christ has served us, providing outstanding service to each other, students, families, and community.


We are passionately committed to lead as Jesus led which develops, mentors and empowers others to reach their full potential in Christ.


We are passionately committed to build strong, healthy relationships with each other, students, families and community


We are passionately committed to carry out our mission and reach our vision with the highest level of integrity that glorifies God through all we do.


We are passionately committed to achieve the greatest levels of excellence in education and in everything we do, being highly professional, innovative, creative and effective.