Charise Dickerson


Get to know me!

About Me: I am native to Arizona born and raised in the Phoenix area. I have 2 children (boy and girl) and 1 young adult son. I absolutely love to dance, write, travel, hike, perform and spend time with my children. We are a very close knit crew and spend much of our time together both at home and in the many hobbies we are involved in. I am a big kid at heart, always looking for something fun to do but am such an advocate for growth and never stop learning. I too always look for an opportunity to learn something new and apply it to my life. As a lover of performing arts and dance, I enjoy being on stage, it is like the world escapes in the atmosphere of performing. I can find that in writing as well and have written as a co-author in a book series, “Girl Behind the Fence- Strength”, which was released in November 2021. I work very closely with Bella Q Dance Studio, Underground Railroad and the Police Departments through out the communities with Domestic Violence, Sex Abuse and Human Trafficking victims while also attending seminars and trainings. Above all else, I am absolutely in love with our Lord and Saviour and live to Glorify him in all that I do. On the solid rock I stand.

Background: I started dancing at the age of 6 with my interest being in clogging, a truly American dance form. I had danced with a very known competitive clogging group known as the Arizona Pride Cloggers whom held the National Championship. Arizona Pride Cloggers traveled the United States as well as different countries like Poland and Japan for competitions, conventions and shows. After dancing with Arizona Pride for a few years I moved onto join a less competitive group known as the Maricopa 4-H Cloggers at the age of 9. There I danced in many shows, parades, attended several workshops and still attended some competitions. Within all the years of I competed in clog dance I won mamy awards in First and Second place while also winning many Rosetta Awards, which was the highest award on the rictor scale. As I danced with Maricopa 4-H Cloggers for several years, I eventually landed back with Arizona Pride Cloggers at the age of 15 however this time around it was to join their dance studio, Arizona Pride Warehouse where many genres of dance were taught. I took brief lessons in Irish Dance, Tap Dance, Swing and Ballet in my years but took a big liking to Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Cultural Dances, Zumba and many different Latin Genres. I have taught classes to both children and adults, have choreographed and have partnered to host dance workshops in big numbers. In my years of performing, she has performed for Fine Arts through the Assemblies if God, Arizona Pride Cloggers, Arizona Pride Warehouse, Maricopa 4-H Cloggers, Barry Goldwater High School, and Bella Q Dance Studio. Currently I dance and perform with Dream City Church’s Creative Arts Department and Bella Q Dance Studio. I currently am enrolled in classes through Alice Cooper’s Teen Rock Center and Phoenix Dance Studio as well self teaching through You Tube and drop in classes throughout various studios in Phoenix. I believe no matter how seasoned you are, you can always learn and perfect everyday. During my time with Dream City Creative Arts I have won the Marty Award during our Celebration of Christmas Show for leadership, performance, and servant ship. Although I graduated Glendale Community College with my studies in Insurance and Business, my love, profession and passion for the stage is evident. I am a huge advocate that dance is an expression of self, a tool to help one grow and a guide for discipline. Dance builds character, friendships and love. Even more, dance is a gift from the Lord and what better way to bring people to Christ then to show off a gift he gave us.

How Long Have I Been Teaching: I have been dancing and performing for 30 years with 16 of those years teaching.

How did I start teaching: I chose teaching to Disciple, Develop and Deploy those who’s gifts are in Performing Arts and Dancing. To train a young life in their gifts for the Kingdom of the Lord is such a rewarding experience for both student and teacher. The students grow from insecure to loving the creating, dancing, the friendships all the while sharing to the world about Christ.

Favorite Subject: English and Dance

Favorite Bible Verse: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

Fun Fact:
1. I am afraid of lighting and bed bugs
2. I put ketchup on my tacos
3. I absolutely literally hate chocolate
4. I am a huge prank player
5. I really do love corny jokes