International students at Dream City Christian have the opportunity to play on any of our competitive athletic teams. The teams play in a variety of leagues including; Open League, CAA and the National Team circuit on the Grind Session. The most prestigious teams of these is the National Basketball team that showcases both domestic and international talent.

Dream City Christian International students who participate in the National Basketball program are taught the importance of well-rounded life skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and responsibility through group travel, faith-based campus, mentorship, and community activities. Dream City Christian National Basketball Program’s ideal and proven balance of challenging academics and on-court expert instruction have led to unprecedented team and individual accolades as well as NCAA Division I scholarships. With as much of an emphasis placed on academics and college preparedness as on athletic development, Dream City Christian student-athletes will have access to a support team inclusive of teachers, academic advisors, coaches, and more to ensure that they’re pursuing their passions both on and off the court. Dream City Christian National Basketball program also has an extensive network of collegiate programs that provide student-athletes with exposure unlike anywhere else.

Student athletes selected for the National Basketball team are provided housing in the national team house, supervised by host parents. International student athletes playing on other athletic teams could be offered team house or host home housing arrangements.