Han Wu, International Student from China

It was great to be a part of the first class that graduated from Dream City Christian School. 2020 was a hard year, but even with all the difficulty, our teachers and staff still worked so hard and gave us an unforgettable and special graduation and I’m very grateful for that. I first arrived here 3 years ago and it was called “Joy Christian School”. I could barely speak English but I fit in so quick, everyone on campus was nice to each other, I had host families that treated me like their own child, and there were so many opportunities on campus that could bring you into the community, such as clubs, sports teams, and student government. Next, I must mention the Mexico Mission Trip. It was my favorite activity over the years; we actually go down to Mexico and support an orphanage. The condition was tough there but the trip was meaningful, and you don’t see mission trips like that very often in any other schools. Plus, I found the best soda there – it’s called pepino squirt and you got to try it when you get down there! Finally, I just want to say that it’s a campus that delivers Christian values but also accepts different values and cultures. I have learned a lot from Dream City and I have no regret going here.


“I am Zijie Zhang. I graduated from Joy Christian School and am now studying Business at UC Boulder. As a student from China, I have been to and traveled lots of places in the United States. But no place is like Joy Christian High School. You can truly call it home. Don’t be nervous when you first get here, because you will get a warm welcome from all the students and faculty. Lots of activities but teachers won’t let you miss your academic works. It has been a tremendous experience for me at Joy.”


“I went to Joy Christian School for two years. I came there for 7th and 8th grade. There were Chinese, German, Taiwan, Indian and Japanese. The first class I went to was Social Studies. There were American students studying in a small class. Until then, I was alone but the next day at lunch time, a boy named Cole asked me about football and he wanted me to play with him. I had never played football before and it was awesome. I met new friends. The 2nd year I came back, there were three new Korean boys and four International middle school students besides myself and many new students from new countries like Ethiopia and Brazil. I joined middle school football team. It was so much fun. I was in kick-off-return, outside linebacker in defense and 2nd running back in offense. I made many friends by joining the team. I also tried out for basketball with my Korean friend and I made the A team. I was living with Mrs. Grace who is the Director of International students and a big mom to everyone. Try out for football, baseball, basketball and do things with American friends. I found out what I wanted to do in America. That made me happy in American life. Joy Christian School was the best school in my life.”


“One year ago I was leaving Recife and winning the world. That time I didn’t know what was waiting for me in America but I knew that would begin a great adventure and bingo… I got an amazing, awesome, great, best experience ever! It’s almost impossible to describe how perfect was my exchanging! I am so grateful for everything MAINLY for JOY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL! Oh my goodness! I can’t explain how important it was to me! But now I am sure that I am new person, new citizen, new God’s daughter because of it!!! I have to say thanks to the special people I met. They taught me the most pure love. They were patient, lovely, hostly, greatly, all positives adjectives with me! I have to say thanks to the win the world program from my state that gave me this opportunity!!!!!! Now, it’s time to speak about my host family!!! I am grateful for my relationship with them! They taught me how difficult is live with another culture but when we have LOVE we can be together anytime!!!!!  I can’t forget my foreign friends that I found in Arizona! Many memories, much emotion!!!! I hope to come back as soon as possible and say: HEY GUYS, I AM BACK!!!”


“Joy Christian High School was a great place to be! I loved my Algebra 2 class, Physics and Bible. I learned a lot and all of the teachers were awesome. I met so many people…everyone was very nice. It was a great experience!”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to Joy Christian School. However, the minute I got here, it was perfect! I loved the small class sizes and the teachers. It gave me the chance to extend my knowledge as far as possible. I participated in the Speech & Debate team and had a great time!  The team was like a second American family to me. We really formed close bonds—I could turn to them for help and advice. I would encourage anyone considering coming to Joy Christian to do it! You will love your experience and form friendships that will last a lifetime!”


Being an international student here was a phenomenal experience, especially being part of the sport programs of football, basketball, and track. It is a great way of getting involved and making friends. All of the trips to California, Mexico, and the Grand Canyon with the international program were also some of my best memories here, and something that I’ll never forget.


“My time at Joy Christian High School was awesome! The people at Joy are very accepting and I made connections very quickly. The teachers take an interest in all of their students and are very supportive, whether it is about school work (academics) or personal. I played on the baseball team this year and had an awesome time with my teammates. I really enjoy the spirit in the dugout. I had never played before and I loved it!”


“I loved being at Joy. I never felt that I was unwanted or at the wrong place and there was always room for my own ideas, thoughts and experiences. Everyone was really nice and open to me from day one and I made friends really fast. Although I was only there half a year, it feels like I grew so much in this time. It makes me very happy that I went to Joy and I can still feel the impact of all these people into my life. I am proud to say that I have friends (or more a second family) in America and that I lived there without any big complications, because everyone was so good to me and I know they will be there for me, no matter what I need!”


I first attended Joy Christian school in 2016 and am now graduating this year, 2018. Being at Joy helped me grow a lot, both spiritually and mentally; I learned a new culture as well as new concepts about a new religion.