Kendra Brooks

Grade Level:
6th Grade

Get to know me!

About Me: Daughter, 6, Margot
Hiking, Running, Climbing

Background: BS in Secondary Education from Trinity College
M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University.

12 Years teaching 6-12th grade History and Science

Why did you choose teaching: I love learning about God’s creation, the history of mankind, and how it all works together in a seamless narrative of God’s love and grace. It is an even greater joy to instill that love for God’s narrative in my students. Through History and Science, God is seen in the details and the greater vision. My hope is that my students understand that God works both in the details of their life, and that He has a greater vision for them. I also love our country and the foundations it was built upon. Raising the next generation up in that knowledge and instilling a love for our nation is very important to me.

Favorite Subjects: Science and Engineering

Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 12:27-28

Fun Fact: I’ve had a run in with grizzly, bison, black bear, but the animal I am most afraid of encountering is a mountain lion.