Kim Dockens

Grade Level:
HS Science

Get to know me!

About Me: I am in love with God and His creation. I have been blessed with many great encounters with nature and love to photograph those events. I am crafty and enjoy building things; that comes from my grandfather (a carpenter) and dad (an electrician). My travels lately center around missions, I have done medical trips to Guatemala, church building in Romania and numerous service trips throughout the US.

Background: My degrees include BS in Biology major/Chemistry minor. Masters in secondary education and lots of continuing education. I love to learn and share that with others. There was a time after teaching for 18 years that I was burnt out and God took me on a journey through the oil and gas industry on various projects of research, design and technical solutions for water management and corrosion issues. During those 12 years He kept giving me lessons on faith and science, I could use them in Sunday school classrooms but it just seemed like there should be more. God’s perfect timing brought me back to Arizona and this position at Dream City.

How Long Have I Been Teaching: Science is definitely my strength but I love math as well. I am currently at a total of 20 years teaching experience; biology, chemistry, anatomy/physiology, physical science and consumer math are my current subjects.

How did I start teaching: Teaching is my spiritual gift from God. It didn’t matter what career I was in, I always found myself teaching whether that was clients or field technicians or sales people. I love it and I pray that your children will find their gifts from God and become passionate about them.

Favorite Subject: Favorite subject is everything biological.

Favorite Bible Verse: Eph 2 : 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.

Fun Fact: I at one time had 40 dogs, mostly german shepherds, and 3 horses on 30 acres of land in Texas.