Scott Simpson

Grade Level:
6th Grade

Get to know me!

About Me:

Hiking: I live near the Deem Hills area and enjoy those trails. Other favorites are Badger Springs, the Prescott Area, and around Williams.  

Wood working: Do some simple projects such as the desk that this keyboard sits on as well as other small projects.&nbsp;</div>

I read a lot of history books and enjoy a good biography in my spare time.


Received a teaching degree at Whitworth College with an emphasis on English and History. Did my student teaching in a high school that was built the same year Teddy Roosevelt charged up San Juan Hill.&nbsp; Definitely a fire trap; the fire marshal, during one drill stood outside, timing us with a stop watch.&nbsp; He estimated we 2 1/2 minutes to get out of that four story building.

Went back to school to get an Information Science Degree at Eastern Washington University (home of the most recent Super Bowl MVP!!).

Spent over 30 years in the software development industry. Most of my work in that area involved supporting communications between system and coordinating efforts between groups. It seems like a spent as much time writing documentation as coding.

How did I start teaching: I enjoy the activity.  While in the software industry, I still got a chance to teach in a group and individual setting.  One might ask why I got out of teaching after graduating.  The job marked was not very good at the time.  In the 80’s when I taught at a business college, the pay just wasn’t enough to support a family.  After the first year, the teachers took a 10% pay cut and that forced me to look elsewhere.

Favorite Subjects: In college it was English. In high school it was history. The teachers had a big influence. It was also pretty cool that two of my English teachers had bit roles in Movies. One was the cult classic THX 1138, and the other movie was White Men Can’t Jump.

Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 4:7 “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.”

Fun Fact: When Abraham Lincoln chose his cabinet, he picked people based on skill, and how they could help the country.  Almost all of these men were rivals of his, yet he still picked them.  The one exception was the Secretary of War, who was later dismissed for corruption and being incompetent.  This position was filled by one of Lincoln’s rivals who proved to be very effective.  As a team, the cabinet proved very effective.