Terri Parker

Grade Level:
Elementary Art

Get to know me!

About Me: Art(all kinds), Illustration, Graphic Designer, Theatre Actress & Director, Film/Video Production (Producer, Director, Assistant Director & Scriptwriter), TV Broadcasting, Animator (Traditional, Stop Motion & Computer Animation), First Soprano. I love animals & I enjoy helping others.

Background: Working on my Masters Degree, Savannah College of Art & Design. Bachelor’s of Art Degree from the University of Central Florida. Studied Illustration at Ringling School of Art & Design. Studied Art & Theatre at Florida State University.

How did I start teaching: I love helping others & I enjoy working with my students whatever age they may be.

I have been teaching off & on since 1984. I have taught 2 years old’s to 86 years old’s. I have been involved in education just as long. I have taught Art (multiple mediums & ages), Animation (Traditional, Stop Motion, Claymation & Computer Animation), Film/Video Production (all areas), TV Broadcasting (all areas, produced the school TV News Broadcasts for several schools), PSA’s & commercials, 3D Printing, Theatre (Creative Dramatics, Acting, Children’s Theatre, Acting for TV, Acting for Film/Video Production.

Favorite Subject: Art & Theatre

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16 & Philippians 4:13

Fun Fact: I once sang on a Cristian Album with a choir. The album is called “Proclaim the Glory”. The Producers incorporated over a thousand voices from different choirs mostly from Florid on the album. They listed all of our names on the inside sleeve of the album & had Proclaim the Glory written lightly in grey. My is right over the P.