Chapel Life

The Journey of Spiritual Growth

Our weekly chapel services are an integral part of our school community, where students come together to worship, learn, and grow in their faith. From elementary to junior high and high school, each chapel service is tailored to engage and inspire students at every age level.


Elementary Chapel

Our elementary chapel services are designed to be interactive and engaging for our younger students. Through age-appropriate worship, storytelling, and activities, our elementary chapels help children connect with God and learn valuable lessons that they can apply to their daily lives.

Junior High/High School Chapels

For our junior high and high school students, chapel services provide a space for deeper reflection and spiritual growth. Led by our dedicated team and guest speakers, these services include worship, relevant messages, and opportunities for students to explore and strengthen their faith.

Archived Chapels

Missed a chapel service? No problem! Access our archive of past chapel services to catch up on messages and worship sessions you may have missed. Whether you’re a parent, student, or faculty member, you can revisit these inspirational moments anytime, anywhere.

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