The thriving International Student Program has included students from Brazil, Peru, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Rwanda, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, South Sudan, Australia, Liechtenstein, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Taiwan.

The International Program at DCCS provides personalized attention to each student. Six experiential trips are planned each year including trips, such as the Grand Canyon, California coast to San Francisco and Los Angeles, Utah for skiing, and mission trips to Mexico and the Native American reservations. Students are taught the importance of a well-rounded life by teaching life skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and responsibility through group travel and activities.


Dream City Christian is located in Glendale, a fast growing suburb of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. Nearly 4.6 million people live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, with 255,000 of those people living in Glendale. Dream City Christian is nine miles Northwest of Downtown Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona. Phoenix is the largest capital city in America, and the sixth largest city by population in the United States.

DCC’s location affords its students a variety of educational opportunities. Students can take trips to the world famous Grand Canyon, as well as a variety of local museums, such as the Arizona Science Center, Heard Museum, and Frank Lloyd Wright Museum. Phoenix also features sporting venues for all America’s major   national sports teams, such as the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), and Phoenix Suns (NBA). Arizona is unique for its strong ties to its Native American residents. This is hallmark of the American southwest.


Dream City Christian is a distinctly K-12 Private Christian school consisting of a preschool, elementary school (grades K-6), middle school (grades 7-8), and high school (grades 9-12). Founded in 1996, DCC prepares its students to successfully meet the challenges of today and tomorrow through the provision of a superior academic education which is founded on strong Christian values.


Dream City Christian is committed to achieving the highest levels of excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. The school exists to educate students using the very best people, resources, and strategies based on Christian principles: Learning to serve each other, families, the local community and the world. DCC is recognized as the leader in Arizona Christian education by being highly professional, innovative, creative, and having the highest level of integrity in academics, athletics, and the arts. Since DCC has small class sizes, teachers have more opportunities to spend time with each student and work with them before and after school. Tutoring in every subject is available free of charge to students before and after school daily.

Homestay Residential Accommodations

DCC offers students the chance to live with a host family from the school community while attending school. Families provide the opportunity for students to experience life as a member of an American family. Family connections allow for many experiences with sports and other activities in the community. Host families are selected and managed by the school. Student athletes participating on specific teams are offered housing in team home accommodations.

English As A Second Language

Our ESL support program includes ESL English I and II courses. For an additional fee an intensive ESL Tutoring Program is offered with a class size of five or less, providing up to 100 minutes of tutoring daily, in ELL, TOEFL, SAT and ACT preparation. Our classroom tutoring curriculum focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking  academic English. Assistance is provided in compulsory course homework, assignments and projects.  Special individual attention is given to college entrance essays, college selection, application assistance and other academic guidance and collegiate guidance counseling.

If you have questions about our International Program, please contact Carolina McDermott at: Cmcdermott@dreamcityschools.org.